headshot black and whiteRabbi Elchanan Shoff, is Rabbi of Beis Knesses at Faircrest Heights (formerly LINK East Shul). In the past, he was a Rebbe in Rabbi Shmuel Brazil’s Yeshivas Zeev Hatorah, Director of Educational Programming and a Senior Lecturer for Hineni International Programs (H.I.P), a Lecturer for Aish Hatorah, all in Jerusalem. He was ordained by Rabbi Noah Weinberg of Aish Hatorah, and by Rabbi Zalman Nehemia Goldberg, Chief Justice of the Supreme Rabbinical Court of Jerusalem. He was trained in Yeshiva Ateres Shmuel of Waterbury CT, under Rabbi Aharon Kaufman, and Rabbi Yitzchak Meir Fishman. He is the author of Vaani Bahashem Atzapeh (Jerusalem 2010) in Hebrew on Tehillim, Birchasa Vishirasa (Jerusalem 2012) in Hebrew on Meseches Brachos of the Babylonian Talmud, and Paradise: Breathtaking Strolls Through the Length and Breadth of Torah (Jerusalem 2012).

Do we have a sit down Kiddush with delicious hot food and a warm atmosphere, where the deep camaraderie is palpable?


What is the service like?

A warm, inviting and inspiring davening with singing (just the right amount) concise but meaningful words of Torah and a lively spirit. BKLA aims to foster a Torah-oriented and uncompromisingly open-armed environment. On Friday nights, our frequent Carlebach-inspired services are always a hit!

How did BKLA begin?”

Pico is bursting! As young couples frantically search for more affordable housing alternatives, many have identified Faircrest Heights (the area East of La Cienega) as an appealing place to live, and have begun to settle here. A dynamic shul providing warmth, community and direction for those who are there, and primed to anticipate the needs of those who will come is vital.

Will there be childcare/childrens groups?

We are committed to providing fantastic and exciting children’s programming for all ages, which is vital for a growing shul. Our childcare groups being at 8am every shabbos morning, when Rabbi Shoff’s shiur begins, and continue throughout the service, for children of all ages.

How much is membership?

Our model does not charge membership. Just come join us!