Rabbi Elchanan Shoff – 310 480 4422
President – Eli Schiff

The Beis Knesses at Faircrest Heights or BKLA (formerly LINK East Shul) is a community of young people committed to Torah, community and opening our arms and homes to others. We hope to grow, both as a community and as individuals. To help facilitate this, we provide both Torah study opportunities and socially centered ones, thoughtfully crafted to facilitate meaningful friendships and relationships, and positive spiritual experiences. An emphasis is made on creating family friendly atmosphere where children are welcomed supervised and catered to. Rabbi and Rebbitzen Shoff are committed to focusing their attention on individuals and families in a relationship oriented model of growth. They are available for questions and advice, for learning, teaching and other interaction with the community not as a distraction from their mission of building a successful community,but as the very definition of their mission.

 BKLA has already had a great positive impact upon the LA Jewish landscape. Join us and be part of the next big thing here in LA!